Family Groups

JCA believes in the importance of community. We believe that God not only provides specific people in our lives to support us in our relationship with Christ, but also brings people to us whom we are called to love and serve. As a core ministry of our church, family group is this space where individuals experience love, give love, and make disciples. In a family group, people of similar life stages come together weekly to fellowship, pray and study the Word. Family groups aren't just a Bible study--we strive to make this a community where the Bible is lived out in action.

Come find out for yourself! If you are interested in joining a group, please contact any of the leaders below. If you are unsure which Eastside family group to join or would like more information, please contact our young adult family group coordinator Jennifer Hogan at jehogan[at]

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Recent Graduates Family Groups
Monday 7:30 PM
Keith Kim - keithkim7789[at]
Tomi Falegan - tomifalegan[at]
Wednesday 7:30 PM
David Sun - dsun1989[at]
Sabrina Chae - sabrina.chae[at]
Married Family Groups
Tuesday 7:30 PM - Married Women
Jennifer Mejias - dandy.mejias[at]
Wednesday 7:30 PM - Married Men
Dandy Mejias - dandy.mejias[at]
Singles Family Groups
Sunday 5:00 PM
Joseph Noh - noh.joseph[at]
Austin Wright - aun.wright[at]
Sunday 5:00 PM
Jennifer Hogan - jehogan[at]
Tuesday 7:00 PM
Dan Jee - djee2013[at]
Jeannie Parker - jeannie5123[at]
Tuesday 7:30 PM
Charlie Hedeen - hedeenc[at]
Chris Pender - chrisp179688[at]
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Kevin Humphries - kjhump[at]
Vincent Hu - basketballpandax[at]
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Jinhee Nam - jinheenam89[at]
Wednesday 7:30 PM
Arya Mehta - ameh08035[at]
Patty Limb - pattylimb[at]
JCA Midtown Family Groups for College Students
Georgia Institute of Technology
Min Soo Choi - mchoi21[at]
Georgia State University
Min Soo Choi - mchoi21[at]
Emory University
Ben Ahn - bahn013[at]
Oxford College
Ben Ahn - bahn013[at]