Ministry Teams 2015

Ministry teams at JCA are a place where you can join the ministry that happens at our church week in and week out. One of the best ways to build relationships and personalize a church is through serving. There are currently 8 different ministry teams at JCA. If you are interested in joining a team, please contact the ministry team head listed.


JCA Praise

Vision - Why does this team exist?

The worship team exists to develop and mature Christian musicians and servants to use their giftings and availability as an avenue to a more holistic understanding and experience of worship.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

Members are asked to have a consistent attendance at most major congregational meetings. Members are required to come punctually to help prepare as well as assist in the break down of equipment afterwards. Additional service may be required when the church requires any sound system assistance.

Contact Information

Daniel Kim - thedankim[at]


JCA Hospitality

Vision - Why does this team exist?

Our goal is to embody the nature of Christ through being hospitable inside and outside the church. This is expressed in the church through the preparation of refreshments to facilitate a comfortable environment for fellowship, done in faith that love poured into preparing and offering a little food will help foster a closer and stronger community. We hope to display a wholehearted surrender and love for our Lord and His people that will encourage others to show hospitality in the everyday. Hospitality must reach beyond the church and could involve intentional community outreach in addition to continually maintaining a willingness and mindset to serve with one's time, home, and life without the expectation of something in return, because those resources are not truly ours. Our God has provided us everything, with which we serve and glorify His name.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

- A heart of welcoming people

- A heart of giving faithfully to the Lord

- A desire to grow in discipleship and see others grow

- Commitment (to serve on Sundays and also during other church events)

- Punctuality - Must notify the leader of an absence at least 24 hours in advance

Contact Information

Xin Zhang - xaxtoo[at]


JCA Creative

Vision - Why does this team exist?

The Creative Team exists to communicate and promote the missions of God and to support the ministries of JCA through fresh and innovative visuals.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

- Has a personal relationship with Jesus

- Understands and upholds the core values of JCA

- Commits to learn, grow, and minister to one another

- Able to multi-task & carry out details to completion

Contact Information

Stephanie Lu -[at]


JCA Welcoming

Vision - Why does this team exist?

We seek to create an environment where any and all guests, members, and newcomers of the Journey Church of Atlanta can experience the fullness of the Church as one body in Christ, build spiritual friendships, and ultimately fall more deeply in love with God.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

- Love for people: A genuine interest in each other’s lives and a willingness to love whoever that crosses your path is essential

- Openness: Having the eyes to see and the faith to believe that what we do as a team impacts people beyond the church/Sunday service setting

- Timeliness: Because we only meet one hour before service, it is crucial that we are all on time so that we can pray and share more effectively

- Communication: Effectively communicating with members and the leaders for any personal changes and/or struggles that may affect the ministry as a whole

- Proactiveness: Willingness to do things even if it is not necessarily what you are comfortable with

Contact Information

Claudia Robbie -


JCA Children's

Vision - Why does this team exist?

To teach future generations about God’s love, the character of Christ, and the importance of the Holy Spirit.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

- Commitment (serving at most once a month)

- Enthusiasm

- Punctuality

- Joy for children

- Communication skills (updating Google Documents, communicating with your partner)

Contact Information

Rebecca Jo - rebjo5391[at]


JCA Shekinah

Vision - Why does this team exist?

Shekinah is the feminine Hebrew word for God's glory. It refers to the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God and His glory as a physical station (i.e. the pillar of cloud leading the Israelites in the desert).

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

At JCA, we understand that being a Godly woman in the real world can be tricky to navigate alone. To help cushion the blow, we believe that God provides wisdom and support through other like-minded women. Shekinah provides opportunities to encourage our women by:

- Creating a space for deeper relationships and accountability (i.e. mentorship groups)

- Strengthening and equpping JCA women through teaching seminars and panel discussions

- Gathering together monthly to lift up the needs of our women through corporate prayer

- Spending purposeful time with one another through events including our annual Mocktail and Speed Dating nights and seasonal young adult brunches.

Contact Information

Claudia Robbie - claudia.robbie[at]


JCA Senders

Vision - Why does this team exist?

Senders exists to:

1. Increase awareness of missions and the status of our missionaries within JCA

2. Send out missionaries well prepared and continue to support them in prayer, knowledge, logistics, and finances while on the field

3. Respond practically to the Great Commission

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

Be filled and listening to the Spirit, be responsive to emails, open communication, be professional, invest in relationships within the team, and most importantly, have fun doing it.

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in the Sender's team. However, the application to join the team is currently closed. It will reopen later this year. If you are interested in joining the Sender's team, please email Pastor Benjamin Ahn (bahn013[at] We will keep you informed when the team is reopened.


JCA Transportation

Vision - Why does this team exist?

We seek to serve the Lord and the church by providing rides to church members and newcomers to various events and services.

Expectations - What is involved in being on this ministry team?

Anyone who has a heart to serve and be a servant in the background can serve this team. Having a car is strongly preferred and we encourage anybody who does have a car to really keep transportation in mind.

Contact Information

Jonathan Cho - jonathan.cho34[at]