Staff Information

Lead Pastor

Name: Matthew Ro

E-mail: admin[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Grandhaven, Michigan

Education: BA (University of Pennsylvania, Biology)

                MDiv (Biblical Theological Seminary)

Family: Julia Ro (Married in May 2006), Ella Ro, and Audrey Ro


Associate Pastor

Name: David Moon

E-mail: david.moon[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Education: BA (The University of Texas at Dallas, Crime and Justice Studies)

                MDiv (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)

                ThM (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)

Family: Grace Kang-Moon (Married Feb '11), Daniel Moon


Family Pastor

Name: Dandy Mejias

E-mail: dandy.mejias[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Education: MA Biblical Studies

                MDiv. Practical Ministry

Family: Jennifer (Married in November 2005), Timothy Mejias, Abigail Mejias, Olivia Mejias

Pastoral Intern

Name: Min Soo Choi

E-mail: minsoo.choi[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Closter, New Jersey

Education: BA (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Business Admin: Management Information Systems)



Name: Jennifer Hogan

E-mail: jen.hogan[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Landstuhl, Germany

Education: BA (Emory University, Sociology and Political Science)


Ministry Administrator

Name: Claudia Robbie

E-mail: claudia.robbie[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: New York, New York

Education: BA (Georgia State University, Business Administration)

Family: Trevor Robbie (Married in August 2003), Isabelle Robbie, and Owen Robbie


Pastoral Intern

Name: Benjamin Ahn

E-mail: benjamin.ahn[at]

Birthplace/Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Education: BA (Emory University, Sociology and Mathematics '13)


Ministry Intern

Name: Stephanie Lu


Birthplace/Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Education: BS (Georgia Institute of Technology, Architecture)

                MBA (Georgia State University)